Skye tours

We must be exceptionally righteous, still in the north west of Scotland and still the sun is shinning down on us. Not that we are smug – well we are, so much so I insisted on wearing shorts today to prove that it was worth bringing summer clothes to the north in October.

Day started with a drive out to Waternish point on the north west of Skye. Beautiful views over to the Outer Hebrides and more craft shops and galleries than you can shake a stick at.  We made our way along aiming to be in the hamlet of Stein for lunch. Our previous visit here a few years ago ended  with an amazing fresh lunch at the Stein Inn. So, we had saved our pennies and were aiming for a big treat of lobster or fresh fish for lunch.  We ordered a coffee and sat outside in the sun, at which stage Iain heard to owner say no shellfish or fish for lunch as there is bloom on the loch 😦 – typical.

We drove round to Dunvegan and realised that in 10 days we had yet to visit a castle, so Dunvegan castle it was. The castle is home to the clan McLeod and the oldest continuously inhabited castle in Scotland.  Inside was a self guided tour or a few of the public rooms and some of the servants quarters, then outside some amazing gardens including a walled gardens and a water gardens.  Lunch was courtesy of the castle tearooms, being that staple offered at every castle we visit – soup and a roll followed by a scone.

Stein - Waternish

Stein – Waternish

Ok so moving on the highlight of the trip was calling – it was only time to visit the museum of the Giant Angus MacAskill, we drove along, there it was – and Iain did the usual of straight past and “did you really want to stop?”. Hmmm yes, so back we go and what an absolute blinder of a place, made more amazing by someone starting something with such a tenuous connection to the subject. The story of the Giant Angus MacAskill is true – however he has never, every been anywhere near Skye! The reason there is a museum here to him is the museum owner is a 15th cousin or something to the giant – who was born on the Hebrides and died in Canada. Well lets not let that little matter spoil a brilliant little tourist spot.



A tiny little croft house with a life sized statue of the giant and one of General Tom Thumb, some bits and pieces of Skye history and an enormous pair of hand knitted socks. The best £2 I have spent for a long time – just to take photos of Angus the  “true giant” – one without underlying medical conditions or notable deformities – who ever lived.

Me, The Giant Angus MacAskill and General Tom Thumb

Me, The Giant Angus MacAskill and General Tom Thumb

Leaving the museum we spotted a lovely campsite just over the road.  Kinloch campsite is on a small headland out on Loch Dunvegan, looking down the loch towards the castle. There are quite a few campervans on here but no signs of the owners so we have pitched up and we are sure someone will come round for money sooner or later. So that is the end of our day so far, sat outside the van making the most of the sunshine with a good strong brandy coffee to ward off any loch breezes.



And, we have an internet connection for a change – so have included some photos from the last 10 days.


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