Well camouflaged Scottish dolphins

We survived the storms and woke to bright blue skies :). The bad news being the minimum temperature for the day was forecast at 1 degree – brrrrr. Iain tested the chill as he needed to empty a certain receptacle early morning (too much information?) and confirmed it was freezing out.

The campsite is strangely placed on the beach with the public road running 10ft behind your pitch. Walking north along the beach its 10 minutes to the tiny village of Rosemarkie, so off we went for morning coffee. Not timed well as it was closed so back past the camper in the direction of Chanonry Point Lighthouse for some Dolphin Spotting. The path is called Dolphin Mile because its a mile long but there ends any connection with the name as not a dolphin to be seen. We stood on the point (with several other hardy souls) for half an hour and we saw a solitary seal. At this stage the rain came in from the north with the wind and we gave up and trudged back to the camper for some warming brandy coffees.

This afternoon the sun came out and it warmed up a bit. So we walked up to Fortrose village to find a cake shop (the walking is outweighing the cakes we hope – just:) ). Mission accomplished it was back to camper for cakes and spotting from the comfort of the van. As yet still not a dolphin seen – despite this being the ‘best place in the world for bottle nose dolphin spotting’. That may not be true but our pitch certainly has one of the best views we have ever found from a campsite, looking across the water at Fort George we could be in Morocco, well if it were several degrees warmer and we weren’t both in thermal long-johns of course.

Tomorrow we will give those little bottle nose faces one more chance to pop up, then we are heading into Inverness for supplies; from there its destination west coast in the general direction of the Isle of Skye.

View from the camper

View from the camper

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