Everywhere Kate went, we went

Destination for today St. Andrews which was only a few miles up the coast, however we followed Sat Nav to check out tonight’s campsite on the way and a little over an hour later we were parked up in one of our favourite towns in Scotland.

First stop was lunch out for a change ‘battered black pudding balls’ followed by burritos in a mexican grill bar! (yes very Scottish). Despite it being early in the week and October the town was really busy. Plenty of very expensive shops mixed in with high street names, pretty much every other building was a cafe, restaurant or wine bar. The buildings are fabulous, mostly 3 or 4 storey old stone and loads of little courtyards hidden up alleyways.

After lunch we walked down to the Old course and strolled over the first tee which is surprisingly crossed by a footpath. A little bit of an elitist place with all the benches marked with ‘members seating only’ and the gift shop offering free gifts if you spend £150 – somewhat out of our league.

Back into town and the cafe ‘where Kate met Wills, for coffee’ was clearly signposted but we chose Starbucks for a Spiced Pumpkin Latte – a little touch of heaven. Having exhausted the more expensive shops we headed out to see St. Andrews abbey and the castle. Both ruins but enough still there to see what monumental buildings they were.

Time to head to camp and we couldn’t resist ‘Prince George scones’ to take with us. So armed with two of the biggest scones ever we are now at tonight’s site. A farm 5 miles up in the hills above town. Glorious views for miles around very peaceful, plan to be up and away fairly handy tomorrow and head inland to the highlands.


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