Forth road bridge and beyond

Slept like a log last night despite being camped a couple of hundred metres from the M74, Iain on the other hand listened to the traffic all night. We were therefore up and away fairly handy and heading for the Forth Road bridge. As we crossed the bridge we saw people walking over and both said we have never walked over. So, as soon as we got to the other side we parked up in a hotel carpark and walked back to the bridge. Footpath was closed, typical, so we had to go down the steps, under the bridge and up the steps the other side before we could ‘walk the bridge’.  Amazing views over to the rail bridge.P1020473

A little windy as we walked across (I stayed dead in the middle of the path) but worth the views and it is fairly amazing being so high up and having views right down to the sea. We then went back to the van and drove down to the North Queensferry, under the rail bridge, to take some photos looking back up at the road bridge.


By now we were all bridged out so decided to head to the coast. First stop Burntisland, which wasn’t an island and had no signs on any burnings.  The beach is well known for being a sandy blue flag beach so we went down to see it,  but the tide was out and it was very like a muddy estuary from what we could see. We moved onto our next stop of West Wemyss for lunch. Tiny little village on the edge of the sea. Several of the buildings had a very Italian look and it gave the village an air of Port Meirion. We parked on the harbour and put the lunch on and settled back for an hour to read the papers and watch the sea. We finally shifted ourselves fora walk around the village before deciding it was time to head off and find somewhere to stay tonight.

Our previous trips to this part of Scotland have always found us struggling to find a campsite we like. This time proved no different. We saw a couple of sites but they were enormous and full of statics or right on the side of the road, neither type appeals so we kept on driving.  By Anstruther we were looking at the theory that good campsites do not exist so we pulled up outside a coffee shop and treated ourselves to a latte. From there the road signs said road straight ahead closed and follow diversion – so we carried on straight ahead! After 4-5 miles Iain agreed ‘possibly’ the road was closed ahead as we hadn’t seen a single vehicle and he was turning round to go back.  As we headed back into Anstruther we spotted a campervan on the cliffs overlooking the sea and assumed that meant campsite. We followed the track down and hey presto a brand new campsite opened a few months ago. We have a pitch right on the edge of the cliff looking over the sea to the Isle of May. So far there isn’t a breath of wind – lets hope it stays that way or we could be waking up with wet feet 🙂







2 thoughts on “Forth road bridge and beyond

  1. Hi Sandra and Iain, when I was at school, we did a bus trip to Queens ferry ,that was before the road bridge opened , in those days you had to use a little ferry boat to get across, I think it’s the 5th of Forth.


  2. On the road again… Now who sang that? Willie Nelson? Don’t even know how I think I know that. Have a great break and see you next spring………


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