Dear auld Glasgow town

Day 2 – after leaving home yesterday we got as far as Glasgow. Staying on Strathclyde Caravan Club site, we stayed here several years ago when it was a Corporation site and to be honest a total dump. Now its Caravan Club and everything brand new and sparkly. There is a mini bus service from the site to the city centre for Β£7 return. Bargain so would seem rude not to. Iain not keen on a city day but convinced as I offered to pay for the open top bus tour of the city which takes 2 hours and can hop off at the museums.

River Clyde

River Clyde

So we get into the city and plan A falls to bits. Glasgow marathon is on in city centre, which means no buses! This results in plan B – slightly (much) shorter city tour confined to the St Georges Square and riverbank. The mini bus driver suggested St.Enochs so we had a look – shopping centre with the most amazing glass roof – stunning and a lovely place to sit and eat our butties as at this stage the rain had started. Once the sun was coming back out we headed out to see a bit of the city on our whistle stop walk, which included Central Station, photos sat on the lions in St Georges Square, Buchanan Street, Sauchiehall Street and crossing over the Clyde on 4 of the 21 bridges. We ended the day stopping in the ‘oldest bar on Hope Street’ (not sure but I think the dirt on the windows was older than me), I asked for a coffee ‘its a bar lassie’ was the response, ok a coke it is then πŸ™‚

St. Georges Square

Central Station Central Station


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