Home time

Monday morning, just arrived at Santander docks and sat on the quay waiting for the ferry – 24 hours of sea ahead, can’t wait, praying for calm seas please.

Slight problem this morning – arrived at ferry terminal to find it gone – literally, where the gate and the quayside were had been demolished. Then followed a frantic tour of the city one way system to try and find a new ferry terminal. After two trips around we found it, got parked up and had a couple of hours around the city. Somewhat of a culture shock after 3 months of villages and sleepy towns to suddenly be in the middle of noise, traffic, bustle and people everywhere was a real wake up call.

Each time we go away someone asks the “fuel consumption” question, and I have not a clue. So in the spirit of recording useless data and statistics here are a few kept over the last 3 months.

Miles driven to date : 2706
Total fuel bought. : 92 gallons
Fuel usage : 29.5 miles p/gallon
Total nights away : 80
Average miles driven per day : 33
Weetabix eaten : 240
7 kg Calor gas bottles used : 1
Dutch campsites in Portugal : 7
Total views of our Blog : 6897
Average fuel cost per litre €1.40

Worst bit – day 1 and discovering no electric plug so no electric for 3 months – (women will understand this means no hair straightening i.e. disaster).

Top 5 best bits
1) Finding the electric cable plug on day 2 rates fairly highly:) (See worst bit).

2) Visits from Sian and Al and the 116’ers were very special.

3) Places – Fatima, extreme in many ways but wouldn’t have missed it – closely followed by Convento De Cristo and the Ria Formosa.

4) Octopus and bread porridge – because it sounds so terrible but tastes so good.

5) Iain when he got caught in a freak wave (you had to be there but trust me it was side splittingly funny).

There endeth our Blog for another trip – we had the proverbial ball as always, met some lovely people, saw amazing places and made many wonderful memories.

Thank you Bus driver for making it all possible, you are a star x.

Tomorrow we start saving for the next adventure:)

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3 thoughts on “Home time

  1. Wow can’t believe your trip is almost over! Now your on your way back it seems to have gone very quickly! Going to miss the daily evening ‘is there/isn’t there’ a blog update..have loved every update! Looking forward to having you back soon…safe sailings xxx


    • Would so recommend it, a bit of warmth but so much to see and do too. We won’t be there next winter but the one after looks likely – the bug has bitten us 🙂


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