The rain in Portugal falls mainly on us

We left Armacao de Pera on Sunday morning, we didn’t really have a destination but the general direction or San Bartolomeu de Messines seemed good as inland for a change. Not sure what we expected but it is quite dower looking little town, not much to see and the only places open being the Chinese markets (Poundland with clothes to us) . On the plus side though a 5 van aire with water etc – and totally free on the edge of town. So plan is to stay there for the night but as its only lunchtime to have a drive around a few of the places we haven’t visited yet.

So next stop was Loule, which we expected to be a bit like Messine – not at all. A beautiful city with wide streets, stunning buildings and plenty of old moorish churches and castles. Being Sunday everything was shut so we ambled through and will go back for a full visit when its open later in the week.

Its only a couple of miles from Loule to Quarteira on the coast, so aimed for there with a plan of a circle trip back up to Messines. As we drove in we found an aire just on the edge of town. Its a massive car park, fenced in with 70 odd campervans – its €2 a night so we opted to stay rather then drive back inland. There is electric, it seems to involve running cables from a telegraph pole in the middle of the aire – it means if you want it you have to cluster around the poles for a cable. We have opted for using our battery and lots of space.

Today we woke up to rain -real torrential rain but 20 degrees too, an odd concept when used to Welsh wet and cold going together. We headed to the Albuferia shopping complex with the plan of staying in the dry. Nope, rubbish plan as all the balconies around the shops are open – we got absolutely drenched.

At lunchtime we headed to Vilamoura and parked on the pier whilst we made lunch. Only us down there, possibly the high seas and gale force winds had kept most sensible people away? We drove around to the marina and parked up to have a walk around as its advertised everywhere we go as ‘the’ place to go. At a quick count there must be a couple of hundred million pounds worth of yachts moored up – some seriously impressive sized boats. There were several dead expensive shops, just as many tat shops and tons of cafes and bars catering to the golfing fraternity was about the sum of it. The buildings around the marina reminded us of 1960’s high-rise flats in the UK, the hotels were massive and not built with any consideration of being aesthetically pleasing. Would guess in the summer it is a buzzing place but on a damp afternoon it reminded us of Gibraltar – a bit dull, a bit old and in need of a pot of paint or two.

Rain has eased off so has the wind, now waiting the arrival of the thunder and lightening forecast for this evening.

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2 thoughts on “The rain in Portugal falls mainly on us

  1. Loule used to have a Sparky Marks factory in the 80’s. The market used to be full of St Michael towels that were all seconds but looked like firsts to me. We always used to come home with bloody towels……… We got lost there once as well. Oh well thats the end of my riveting comments!

    Strange bunch the Bates clan?


  2. All sounding good with you! Its a beautiful day here…sunny and warm! Well the afternoon is anyway – missed the morning as finished nights this am! How’s the merry fisherman getting on…have you progressed from sardine paste yet…strangly thats what i’ve just had for my breakfast/lunch! Hope the rain has gone away, we’ll send you some sun from here! Enjoy xxx


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