Feliz St Dewi’s Dia

All quiet here on the Algarve front, our day has consisted of mostly sitting, sitting oh and a bit more sitting in the sunshine :).

Yesterday we did what seems to be our first day anywhere habit and walked the length of the promenade which took us nearly 4 hours there and back. Armacao De Pera is very different to most places we have been to down here, fairly high rise with lots a new apartment blocks everywhere, many of which are empty and loads are only part built. The beach is lovely though and stretches for miles either side and has an old fashioned fishing quay right in the middle. Its one of those places that will be “nice when its finished”.

We had lunch out – Iain had a ‘delicacies of the sea’ baguette – translated to fish sticks, boiled egg and salad cream in a roll, could be the Portuguese equivalent of the Fish Finger Butty?, odd but strangely tasty too :).

Campsite is good – showers are a trial though. You have to push a button for hot water at one end of the block then make a run for your chosen shower, you get 7 minutes of hot water but at a trickle. If your water runs out you need to dash out and start the timer again. The pitches are the biggest we have seen anywhere, we could get our house on ours and still have room for parking.

Its gone very warm and we are finding it tough to motivate ourselves to do too much – plan seems to be to talk about doing things but then actually do nothing, well they say its all in the planning:). We are starting to look at a route North over 10 days and probably go straight up through Portugal and see more of the countryside. That gives us at least 2 more weeks on the Algarve so we will have a trip back down to the Ria Formosa and maybe hop over into Spain for a week.

As its St David’s Day Iain hung out a massive Welsh flag (its the Welsh cross though so everyone thinks we are Swedish as it looks like their flag).

As I write this Iain is having a look at the guy next doors 3 wheeler moped! He is sure he ‘needs’ one – I am nowhere near even considering it (less Hells Angels – more Compo on wheels me thinks). Now praying he doesn’t let him test drive it – better go check the insurance documents are handy just in case.

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