No fishing here

Starting off with our photos from Marinha beach. We havent had an internet connection for a few days so we couldn’t post these at the time but it was a really spectacular little beach.

We are flitting around a bit right now – weather is great – but the forecast is to get very cool for the rest of the week. We were heading out to the Costa Vicentina on the Atlantic coast but changed plan as its got to be a wee bit warmer on the south coast. Checking the weather for tomorrow – Rhyl is forecast to be 11 degrees – we have 10 degrees !!!!

Portimao aire

Portimao aire

Anyway, we left Portimao this morning. The campsite / aire was different to what we usually use but none the worse for it. However at 2am this morning when the ferry from Madeira arrived in the dock next door with horns blasting – it did put the fear of god into me as to what was going on. No facilities or electric, not even a dustbin on site but it was cheaper to park for 24 hours then for 2 hours in Rocha – so we aren’t complaining. Yesterday morning we walked along the beach as far as we could into Praia da Rocha then came back along the promenade. Looked a good resort, a mix of 4 and 5 star hotels and apartments and even though it has a different name it is part of Portimao. The beach went on right around the coast to Lagos and it dotted with the sandstone arches and cliffs that you see in all the postcards. In the afternoon we walked into Portiamo marina and old town, the town is ok but not much to see as its the banking district. The harbour and marina goes on for miles. Plenty of fish restaurants and boat trips but other than that just cobbled paths alongside the estuary. By the end of the day we had walked over 11 miles – so happy but totally exhausted campers were asleep well early last night.

This morning we agreed we smell (too much information?) – well we haven’t had a shower for 2 days so it must be time to move on and find a hot shower. We drove through the little fishing town of Ferragudo which has some beautiful churches and harbour buildings, there was a campsite but looked a bit bleak so we carried on along the coast roads to the next resort.

We had been to Praia Da Carvoeiro a few days earlier, this time parked up and went for a wander around the town and beach. The beach there is tiny and the town runs up both sides of the hill, really busy little place. Everywhere was open and buzzing with tourists, probably the most people we have seen at any resort, alas nowhere to stay. Result though spotting Sullys Bar – our youngest grandson has a bar named after him in Portugal :).

So onwards to Armacao de Pera where we are now pitched up. Smallish town with a fair mix of what appears to be tourist shops and local housing and shops. The campsite is yards from the beach so at least we can get on the sands in our coats tomorrow:) The site itself has seen better days, the bar and restausrant look ok though and as long as the shower is hot its fine with us. We have a ton of washing to do too and they have machines so its all working for us here.

Tomorrow we will explore a bit further around us and maybe get the bikes down as the blessed bike path runs right past the campsite entrance! Oh and before I forget, in order to catch a fish Iain will need to get his fishing rod out and stand near the sea – neither of which he has done, so no he hasn’t caught tea (he popped in Aldi instead).


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