Aire time at Portimao

Back to just us – lovely friends are all back home now. Packed up and out of Camping Albufeira first thing, sad to see everyone go but looking forward to moving around a bit and checking out more of the beaches as its really warm today 🙂

So we continued with our beach explorations along the coast. We walked along the cliffs on the ‘Seven Hanging Valleys’ path which has incredible views down over the coastline. We went as far as the Arcos de Marinha (the arches in the cliffs) and down to a few of the beaches, then back for lunch on top of the cliffs. After lunch we continued on all the way down to Praia de Bengali – a bit pointless as you can’t park and its one hell of a hill, Praia de Carvoeira was buzzing with tourists, lots of bars and shops, looks like a new resort (well newish in the last 30 years).

Tonight we are staying in Portimao! Yes as the Bate family leave we arrived. We weren’t too impressed as we came into town, seems very built up and a bit dowdy. As you head down to the beaches it really improves. We went and had a look at Praia de Roche (nice but a bit too touristy after the quieter areas) but the beaches themselves look just as good as in the villages.

We are now at the harbour in Portimao, staying on the Aire here. In non campervan terms that’s a very large carpark with approx 200-300 other motorhomes. There is a small mobile bar/cafe and a gatehouse. No fancy facilities and its a bargain for €2.50 per night. The beach at Praia de Rocha is 50 yards away and Portimao marina 20 yards. Just walked out to the end of the harbour and back through the marina now settling down for an early night.

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One thought on “Aire time at Portimao

  1. But as Iain caught a fish yet?????? We all heard the tales from the Master Angler so now just waiting for news on the weight of the catch?


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