Iain does swimming

A bit of overcast weather – not booked and not wanted. Due to this unforseen weather we have had to change a few plans. Thursday we took on the challenge of ‘how many people can eat lunch in a 6 metre Baxterbus?’. The answer is quite unbelievably and quite comfortably 8! Luckily the ladies had brought a picnic with them as not sure we could have cooked in there too – but I reckon we have set a good record, and may contact Guinness with the photo evidence.

Dull weather has not deterred nights out. Have tried a different restaurant each night, ending up back at the Rock Bar as Ped has a pocketful of BOGOF tickets to get through. Last night the Portuguese police riot squad turned up in force – we didn’t think we were that noisy? No they were after quietening down a stag party and did so rather well with a show of guns and batons.

How many people can you fit in a camper??? lots

How many people can you fit in a camper??? lots

Today, Iain and I aimed for some beaches as the sun was back. Found a few crackers, the best of which was Marinha. Not only for its sheer beauty but also to see Iain sitting on the sand admiring the 10 ft waves crashing in – and then a freak wave straight up the beach and Iain was in 6 inches of water. I laughed till my sides hurt, sadly Iain no longer has a pair of shoes but it was worth the cost for the comedy.


Picnic time :)

Picnic time 🙂

Also went to Praia Senhora de Rocha. A tiny church on a cliff edge with the sea each side. Loads of surfers in the water in some pretty massive waves. It reminded my of the church in Mama Mia – expected to see Meryl Streep singing at the end!

This afternoon we went to Silves, met up with the Bate duo for lunch in the sunshine followed by a hike up the hill to the castle. Eating outside is lovely but I was a bit concerned that if one of the enormous storks flying overhead went for my Toasty it was a goner!

Soon got Rick and Kerry into our habit of each hill walked up  needs to be followed by a coffee and cake stop as a reward (they didn’t need talking into it). The rest of the party showed more dedication and watched the rugby with a few drinks in town and we are off to find them to see if we are celebrating a win or commiserating for a loss.

Silves coffee break

Silves coffee break


Beach visit

Beach visit

Ooops someone got wet

Ooops someone got wet


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