We are now all biked out

As today will probably be the last time we get the bikes out for a while we decided to go for an hour this morning first thing.

Headed down to Olhao and started looking for the elusive bike route – nope, couldn’t find it as usual. So not to be deterred we decided Faro didn’t look too far away lets cycle there. We took the back streets and sand roads for about 5 miles, hard going. Eventually the tracks brought us out onto the main N125 road, the hard shoulder was a decent width so we headed along that quite easily. After passing the sign that said we were in Faro the shoulder narrowed and it wasn’t too much fun so we decided to head back the way we had come – literally spitting distance from Faro but hey another time.

When we got back to Olhao it was time for coffee and cake stop whilst we debated which way to go back to camp. The offer of me buying lunch convinced Iain to ride to the next town of Fuseta, have lunch, then take the easier road back up to Moncarapacho. So suitably refreshed we started the hunt for the bike path again. Stopped and asked in a garage – no idea, asked at a campsite – even less idea. We headed down into some villages and just took the tracks that seemed closer to the coast, saw a lady in her garden and did a bit of the hand gesture and mouthing “bike path” and she point left – so left we went – 2 miles later – we found it – at last and so worth the effort, beautiful surface alongside the lagoons all the way into Fuseta.

The Algarve bike path runs from coast to coast – we keeping seeing literature that says many people complete the whole route – god knows how as it literally disappears for miles for no reason and you just have to ride round looking for where it starts again. Anyway, not cutting a long story short (as I never do) the hour out this morning turned into more like 6 hours and 30 miles.



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