Much ado about doing nothing

We have been all out working on the suntans again for the last 2 days, I think I now have enough colour to prevent the “you aren’t very brown” comments on Wednesday:)

This morning we both walked into town for a bit of shopping. Our essential shopping for a week seems to cost half as much here than at home, it isn’t just because prices are that much cheaper, just we buy much less and make do with whatever we have in the fridge. Every fourth day we have a “leftover pasta bake” the contents are a little odd at times but add some chilli’s and garlic and all tastes fine to us. Having limited space for storage also helps, as we can’t store too much so we shop every other day and try out as many local brands as we can, Dutch and German foods are also plentiful in the likes of Aldi and very cheap – we struggle slightly with cooking instructions not being shown in English but we do find almost anything will cook in 20 minutes in simmering water – it may not taste how it should be hey its food.

After the grueling task of walking a mile this morning Iain needed (and believed he deserved) a treat so we stopped off for coffee and cakes and to pick up some bread. Iain has developed an addiction to Pasteleria De Nata– a bit like a custard tart – and he is consuming them at an alarming rate. We read the other day that Portuguese food is exceptionally healthy as no cream, fats etc other than olive oil, apparently the cakes make up for it with on average three times as much sugar per cake as anywhere else on earth. Unhealthy yes – amazingly good – definitely yes.

By the time we had ambled back the sun was blasting so we agreed the plan for the rest of the day may as well be to sit in it. Campsite is now full but as always very peaceful. Our next door neighbours are the Dutch couple we parked next to last year, other than that its all British couples on site and a few British staying in the villa too. The pool is still covered and we are awaiting the cover coming off to take a proper dip. Iain thinks it will be too cold – I think it will be fine but will let him go in first to give him the opportunity of saying ‘ I told you so’ if he is right and save me freezing.

The forecast is to cool down over the next few days so we will get active and go out and do some sightseeing.


One thought on “Much ado about doing nothing

  1. They have an Aldi there? Wow 🙂 Whenever you guys need help I’d be happy to help out 😉
    Our leftovers-day is usually on Sunday! 🙂 You guys have a great time in Portugal!


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