We aren’t really moving too much

Day three at Casa Rosa and time for an update as we haven’t done so for 3 whole days – at this stage would like to be able to tell you we have been busy visiting cultural attractions, cycling the whole of the Algarve coast to coast route or at least been on a shopping spree. None of which would be true, to be honest we have been sat outside the van enjoying the sun. Hardly moved since Sunday other than a couple of quick trips into the village for bread. My Kindle is working overtime, I couldn’t have carried the amount of books I have got through, been onto Amazon and downloaded a load more this week to keep me stocked up for the next 6 weeks.

This afternoon we decided it really was time to do something so we got the bikes out and cycled down to the coast. As always, we got lost! What should have been a simple ride downhill all the way became and up hill and down dale for 4 miles. Finally got to the main road and we weren’t sure which way to go, of course we chose the wrong way so ended up cycling back on ourselves. We finally made the Ria Formosa and did a few miles along the cycle paths. We saw several White Storks flying low overhead, they still amaze us, gigantic great things with wingspans up to 7ft across. They build the most enormous nests on the top of telegraph poles or chimneys and look like something out of Jurassic park. The locals never even seem to notice them, I can’t see how as I am sure I would be very aware of something that big sat on my roof.

From there we then headed into Fuseta for a coffee and cake stop, and then   found the correct route back and so managed to get to camp without further  navigational errors. Round trip of 22 miles so that has made up a bit for the last 3 days of idleness. We plan to ride more over the next few days as forecast is to be very warm and there are good breezes down on the coast.  Failing that we will revert to Plan B and sit in the sun:)


2 thoughts on “We aren’t really moving too much

  1. About time you reported in Baxters! Make the most of your peace and quiet coz next week it will be shattered! ! Xx


  2. Its less than a week til we’ll be in the sunshine with you (and it better be sunshine!) Can’t wait to see you both, enjoy xx


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