You can’t go anywhere without seeing someone you know!

Today was ‘treat’ day for Iain. I have had to keep the ‘treat’ secret for 3 weeks – nightmare. Yesterday Iain decides we should move somewhere else!! Noooo not possible and I cannot say why so I had to give him various tiny hints as to we were doing something here today. The hints ranged from wind surfing, balloon flight and anywhere high and dangerous – but the whole thing costing less than €5. So as we left the site this morning he seemed to think he was going on a climbing wall?! He wasn’t too thrilled me thinks but was putting on a brave face as he thought I had arranged it for his birthday.

We walked down to the sea and had a coffee in a cafe (to steady his nerves). My nerves were shot as I knew that a certain eldest son and girlfriend were due to meet us to hand deliver a birthday card and presents. A fraught morning of checking they hand landed at Faro,  driven to Cabanas and knew where to accidently meet us and I had managed to stay fairly calm as I saw them coming along. Iain looked around as they came up to the table and went to say “doesn’t that look like Al” as he spoke he nearly fainted when he realised it was Alistair and Sian 🙂 One of those priceless moments when you aren’t sure his old ticker isn’t going  in to overdrive with the sheer shock and joy of seeing them.

Presents duly delivered and unwrapped and we spent a lovely afternoon having lunch and walk on the beach. Luckily Al and Sian thought to bring out a zimmer frame for the auld fella so he could manage the walk. According to Sian “it isn’t a holiday unless you catch crabs”!??? anyway the two of them duly went and caught some…… Back at camp now whilst they finally settle into their hotel then back out later for some dinner and a spot of celebrating.

Top birthday surprise – Iain thrilled, I am so relieved no more secret text to arrange where we are, dates, times etc (I cannot keep a secret to save my life normally).


5 thoughts on “You can’t go anywhere without seeing someone you know!

  1. Nice one Sandra. But me thinks you will need to keep looking over your shoulder . Your Birthday soon is it not.He as been a bit quiet tho not had BBM off him for a couple of days


  2. A wonderful surprise indeed. Didn’t suspect a THING! Climbing walls my ass!
    How wonderful to see them, shocked would be an understatement.
    …….. Even more shocked that Sandra didn’t burst, well done my lovely xx


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