Totally biked out

This morning we decided we have talked enough about bike rides and time to get out for a decent 10-15 miles. Set off from camp at 10 o’clock, sunny but a fair wind blowing so looked like a good day.

Found the bike path (result) and rode along the salt pans to Tavira.  The path then took the main road through town, a little hairy in places, but less than 2 miles and on a sand bike track along side orange groves and through villages. This took us all the way through various salt pans until we got to Fuseta. At this stage we were a little tired (done about 10 miles) so stopped for a coffee on the beach. There was a Gypsy market on by the beach, tons of junk but a lot of antiques too. Absolutely heaving – guess its our equivalent of a Sunday Boot Fair. Fuseta is a busy little town, lots of tourist apartments but it looks a bit rough there were a lot of what I could only describe as drunk tramps hanging around. There is a campsite right on the beach and we had a look, seems ok for a night or two but not sure would want to stay longer as there are much nicer towns close by. Having said that the beach is stunning, as they all are around here.

At this stage we had planned to turn round and ride back, but ever the idiots we decided on a mile or more further on. Bad idea – lost the bike path and rode 4-5 miles to get back to where we had got lost. Then we found the best bit of cycle path imaginable right along the edge of the sea. I convinced Iain it was only a mile or two to Olhao and would buy him lunch when we got there. After about 4 miles we could see Olhao and it was at least as far again. So we decided to cut our losses and head back. So then we find the wind is against us and we have at least 15 miles to get home to camp!

Lets just say it was a fairly quiet ride back – not too many words were spoken as I had taken us just a bit further than someone else had planned to ride – oops. Our only topic of conversation was who had the numbest bum! Just to add to the day Iain was getting a bit low after we left Fuseta and needed something to eat. So of course there was nothing open – brilliant. Our pace was slowing and had visions of needing a tow rope but then hit upon the idea of raiding oranges.  So Iain held the bikes and I slipped into a grove and stole a few, a good hit of sugar and we were ready for the final leg.

Back here at 4 o’clock both totally shattered and I have a face like a sun burnt cherry! Not wanting to go into too much detail but we both have rather sore bottoms after a total of 36 miles. So make amends I cooked a bbq tea outside the van in the sunshine and Iain went and got a couple of beers from the campsite bar to revive himself. So all settled for a very leisurely day tomorrow as not sure we will be able to walk too far.


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