Lost on the Salt Pans

Some days are good – others are really good, and today was the latter.

We were up reasonably early so decided to walk down to the promenade. Picked up a few supplies and then headed off for our daily injection of Delta coffee outside one of the cafes looking over the lagoon. Would guess that there are 8-10 cafes open along the front and all were busy, lots of English voices around and a few Scandinavians  From there we walked over to the fisherman’s pier and along to the end to take some photos looking back over town.  It is still quite a busy little fishing harbour and the catches were just in, fishermen were gutting and throwing the heads to the seagulls – I thought we were going to be pecked to death it was like something out of ‘The Birds’ as they were swooping around us.

Back to camp for lunch and I was a bit unhappy as the pitch isn’t the sunniest we have stayed on. But we managed to fry for an hour in the sun we could find and then decided it was biking time.

There is a bike path that runs from end to end of the Algarve which passes through Cabanas. It is one of the Portuguese best kept secrets – so well kept that no one seems to know where it is! You can find mention of it on the internet but you cannot see the route. We asked around, even the campsite bike hire shop din’t seem to know. So not to be put off we went off and tried a few roads but they all kept ending up in apartment developments. Just as we were giving up hope I saw a bloke on a bike on another road. My deduction was that must mean a bike path? Iain not as sure but agreed to follow and hey presto we see a bike sign painted on the road. Follow that for about 2 miles and it becomes a rough road, then a track, then nothing. So retrace our path a bit and we see what could be a bike path – only problem is it over the other side of a big pile of rocks. We scramble the bikes over and yes – result – we have found the bike path.

So now we are impressed and happily riding along, over a wooden bridge (worst camber ever)across the river and then along nicely paved paths and then we get to a T junction and no signs. Minor domestic as Iain says right and I say left. We go left (it was wrong but hey ho). The path took us through the Salt Pans where they produce the purest salt in Portugal. It covers mile after mile and is amazing to see all the perfect little oblongs of water that look like water fields. We finally reached ‘the end of the road’ literally. Just a hotel and a gorgeous beach. Hardly a soul around and mile after mile of sand, water looked a tad chilly for us though so we will save that for another day. From the beach you can look back over the town of Tavira (our intended destination) so at least we saw it if we didn’t actually go there. Tomorrow Iain is in charge of navigation!

At this stage we decided to head back and save further exploration for tomorrow. Arrival at camp and yes I am still not really happy with the pitch – it is just a bit gloomy even though its sunny. So, star that he is, Iain packs the chairs, tables, awning, windbreak etc and moves pitches two rows, then has to set everything up again! And it was worth it, its so much nicer now, less tree cover so this is us for 8 or 9 days now. To celebrate the move we had tea outside in the sunshine then moved inside as soon as the sun went down as it gets very chilly in the evenings.


One thought on “Lost on the Salt Pans

  1. I’m liking the shorts and t shirts most in your pictures with only 19 sleeps to go! Fingers crossed it only gets warmer! Loving the bike look on the beach of Iain! Happy cycling xx


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