Moving day -east bound to Cabanas

We decided this morning it was time to move on, so we were up at 8 o’clock and a quick breakfast and pack up got up away by 9 o’clock.  We stayed off the toll roads and headed east on the N125 being the ‘old’ main road. Roads are fairly quiet, with the exception of a camper van every 5th vehicle. My arm was starting to ache with all the waving (yes we are wavers 🙂 ).

Did a quick stop off at Aldi for a cheap weekly shop, then you start seeing stuff you don’t see at home and we bought all sorts of things we didn’t know we needed; such as German potato dumplings! Anyway get to the checkout and they only take cards that are from Portuguese banks – hearing the general sigh of the queue behind us I scrabbled in my purse and found some euros- so we escaped the embarrassment of having to put it all back.

From there we headed right along the coast and through Faro – this time straight through without getting lost, dead proud of ourselves. Once we came out the other side its like a different Portugal. Much less touristy than the western Algarve with what seems less development. We came to a stop at a little town called Cabanas de Tavira which is 77 miles from where we started this morning.

Cabanas De Tavira

Cabanas De Tavira

We are pitched up on Camping Ria Formosa, campsite is only 3 years old, 350 pitches and very few spaces. Managed to slot ourselves in among the Finnish and German’s in a nice little pitch with plenty of sunshine. There is a cafe on site which does “dish of the Day” dinners for €4.50 so that will be our treat this week. From the site its about 5-10 minutes walk into the village. Very old cobbled streets and a lovely promenade along the shore. The beach is on an island across the lagoon from the promenade. You either swim over or get a water taxi (my money is on us getting the water taxi as himself will not be happy with the cold water).

After setting up our gypo camp we finally got the bikes down and went for a quick explore. Plenty of people about down on the promenade, loads of cafes and plenty of lobster red people sat outside them.  Seems to be more of a mix of holiday makers and locals than we have seen in other towns as there were lots of Portuguese about. Its fairly flat around this area and loads of people on bikes around so we plan to explore further afield tomorrow on our bikes.


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