60 plus !!! – years and temperature

The man in the sky sent the ordered birthday pressie – a big fat fried egg of sunshine:) In honour of the big birthday I actually got up and did breakfast – usually his job – whilst he sat and opened his cards and pressies.

Despite various plans of fab things to do we settled for sitting in the sun outside the van and toasting.  The van is decorated in “60th birthday” banners (courtesy of Ros – ta) and I have been just a tad unhappy at how many people have had to ask which one of us is celebrating today, cheeky sods, I know the sun is ageing but surely 3 hours of it hasn’t added 10 years to me today?. One of the maintenance guys from the site arrived this afternoon with a bottle of wine and a printed “happy birthday” letter, addressed to Mr Baxter, followed by Dear Madam??  We are not sure if they sussed the birthday from the banners or from our passports as they hold them. We now have a plan to put out the banners on each new site and hang up the cards, see if that brings a complimentary birthday bottle of wine each time:)



We went out for tea in Espiche, the little village next to the campsite. There are a few restaurants tucked away in the alley ways and we decided to try  Adega do  Papagaio, the “Cellar Parrot”.  Only us in there, the owner looked so pleased to have customers and as soon as he brought out the bowls of olives we knew we had chosen the right place.

http://www.adegadopapagaio.com   cellar

For the dinner you get 7 varieties of raw meat and a red hot stone on which you cook them yourself. Sounds weirder than it is, really a bit like your own mini bbq but on a stone rather then a grill, and salad and chips were on an eat as much as you like basis. We followed this up with a rather squidgy piece of almond cake with ice-cream – delicious. We shared a bottle of local red wine to celebrate the occasion – so we stumbled back a short while ago  and now re-warming the feet – its freezing out there tonight.

All in all the birthday boy has had a good day and I believe is about to tuck into his bottle of free wine. Forecast tomorrow – sunshine – yay.


8 thoughts on “60 plus !!! – years and temperature

  1. Happy birthday!! It looks like you’ve had a great day! Looking forward to celebrating with you soon….keep those fried eggs out! Enjoy the wine xx


  2. Happy birthday Iain, it’s seem to have been a great day for you.. As per usual loving the nightly blog.. So jealous:(( xx


  3. Happy Birthday Iain,I hope you have a wonderful day, and a real nice evening.
    Chick & Marguerite


  4. Mr Baxter, happy birthday you old bugger………… When do you get the bus pass? Missing you both, see you in 3 weeks!!!

    R xx


    • your only out there so you could avoid me . I can wait so can the cake and hat Oh welcome to the OFC old farts club.. Hope ypur head is ok this morning


  5. Thanks for the good wishes everyone! – Lovely day was had. Missing y’all, but not missing the cold,hurry on over! Have spent ANOTHER day today, just tan topping 🙂
    oh, and Phil, don’t worry mate – I’ll catch up with YOU in Cheshire!


  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IAIN (or is Sandras? LOL)
    we have some nice new gear (116) available for when you get back btw
    Glass being raised in your honour tonight sir!!!


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