As it was a bit overcast this morning we decided to finally go into Lagos on the bus,  its only 2 miles away and easier than moving Dora and parking.


We have been a couple of time before but it has always been raining. Yes indeed as we got off the bus it started raining! Not to be deterred we did a loop of the main town and all the tourist shops. Every shop had sales of up to 70% off. A lot of the stuff was tack, but some good leather shops and quality pottery. Shoe shops galore, alas even with sales way out of our league. There are loads of tiny cobbled streets running up the hills with churches at the top of most. Down on the promenade there are loads of museums and plenty of historic buildings to explore but we had been to most last year and to be honest we were too wet to traipse around them again so decided we need to explore other aspects such as food.

We hunted around for something a bit different. Came across ‘A Merendeira’ which is typical Portuguese food (albeit I think a chain). Bargain of the week – soup, half a loaf of bread with meat baked in, a coke or half a bottle of wine (I had coke / Iain had the wine) a snack thing of shrimps in breadcrumbs and a rice pudding for €5 each. To be honest one between two would have done, but hey we wont need to eat for days so we ploughed our way through. So we now aim to hunt this chain out wherever we are in the Algarve 🙂

Post lunch it rained harder and harder, not impressed. We walked to the marina and went straight to the nearest cafe to dry off. Very bleak there, plenty of super yachts but very few people. We read this is one of the most visited towns on the Algarve and with the hundreds of cafes and bars it would be fabulous on a summers day. From there it was up hill to look out over the old city walls, lovely views down to the beaches and the sun popped out just to show us how great it would be if we made the effort to visit on a sunny day.

So, home on the bus and weather check completed. Another day of rain and then they forecast the sunshine and good temperatures should be back. So our plan is to stay here the weekend and see if its true. We were looking at heading down to Tarifa in Spain and get the ferry over to Morocco for a week but the recent problems in Algeria have put us right off that idea. so will save that for another time.


3 thoughts on “Lagos

  1. The town sounds like it is on the same climate as Wales with all the rain…could be said home from home! Though the lunch looks rather yummy! You’d better sort all this rain out for 3 weeks time…not liking the look of that lol! xx


    • The BIG difference is that this place has ATMOSPHERE in it’s climate (unlike that bit of Wales which we all know!) come rain or shine!
      100% sunshine now ordered – We’re expecting delivery by DHL this Sunday – just in time for the FIRST little party,on Monday, YAY!!! xx


  2. minus 10 last night and snowing heavy again, promise of Rain tomorrow night then possible floods with all the snow melt, Morroco ….Lybia, westerners advise to leave ASAP high alert terroist stike against westerners


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