Sunshine 1 v Weather forecast 0

The forecast out here was pretty rubbish for the week. But as always you can rely on them to get it wrong – woop woop for us – its been pretty glorious for the last 2 days.  To be fair there have been a few torrential down-pours but they clear within minutes and blue skies are back.

Not much to report, been sitting outside the van toasting ourselves so we don’t look so much like Brits Abroad. Iain has a good tan, I am a slightly salmon pink now so it is progressing, slowly. Tomorrow those fried eggs are due back (yes we always believe the forecast when its good!) so we plan to notch up a few more hours perfecting our sitting doing nothing skills.

On the news front my Psychology course results came through and I passed with 85% and a Distinction for the year – so its a double celebration this weekend with that and someone’s big 60 we will be searching out a nice bar and having a couple of drinks or two.

We cooked outside the van today, food tastes so much better cooked in the open air – well the salad doesn’t, but the piri piri chicken did.  We popped into the Intermarche supermarket in Lagos yesterday and stocked up for the week. Prices seem higher this year but we still managed to get a weeks dinners, fruit and beer for €36 which isn’t too bad. Think we may have overdone the fruit buying as we have moved away from a fruit bowl to a small washing basket to keep it in.

This afternoon I walked down to Luz and along the beach. plenty of people in the bars but most of the shops are closed for holidays. The beach is lovely but the village doesn’t really have much to see of interest. Its been swallowed up by tourist apartment complexes and a few high rise blocks that the locals live in. There are a few parts that are pretty but on the whole its not the best of the villages on the west of the Algarve by any means.


2 thoughts on “Sunshine 1 v Weather forecast 0

  1. Now I know you are definitely in the Algarve but it seems that your blog thinks you in Scotland the year before last? Got 6 or 7 noticed yesterday from 2011? Think WordPress getting confused with the number of holiday you have…….


    • ooops – sorry my fault was updating some of the older stuff we had to go on and didn’t realise it was sending notices 😦


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