Here comes last

Yes indeedy – that little yellow ball of joy has put in a full appearance today 🙂

Forecast was for rain, again. We got up to a few clouds and within an hour blue skies and sunshine were the order of the day. So Plan A to go sightseeing was quickly replaced with Plan B – sit on chairs in sun and do nothing but bake.

Campsite is filling up with new arrivals seeming to appear every hour. Nearly all Northern  Europeans – mainly from Holland, Germany and GB, but a fair few from Norway and Sweden dotted around too. There are 200 pitches and would guess that 150 are now in use, there are also 100 or so chalets and they are filling up too so it’s a busy site. The facilities here are the best we have seen on any site in Spain or Portugal. The toilet / shower block wouldn’t be out of place in a 5 star hotel and the restaurant and bar are top notch. Very friendly site as everyone wants to chat about where you are from and how long you are here for – a lot of people are on site for 3-4 months to miss the winter at home.

The pool looks wonderful but its not heated and Iain did try it two years ago with the result of his voice rising 5 octaves – so we aren’t going to risk it again. However the Jacuzzi is heated so we aim to limit any swimming to there. The furthest we have moved this morning was a walk to the camp shop for some fresh bread and a stroll to the washing machine when we took some photos of the camp on the way back. Had a late afternoon stroll around the site and down to the main road, admiring the massive coach motorhomes and picking out a pitch for the next time we come (if we come again 🙂 ).

So end of full day of sunshine is upon us – we are somewhat pinker (but yes we did use suntan lotion), an awful lot warmer and both us and the van have dried out from the storms of the weekend.

Tomorrow the plan is flexible – sun means we sit, rain means we head for the tourist sites in Lagos, fingers crossed for the sitting option.


6 thoughts on “Here comes last

  1. O my goodness that sun and blue sky look amazing….i think you should just go for full burn incase it doesn’t happen again for a few days lol!! Pictures from here wouldn’t look quite like yours…wish they would! Enjoy the sunshine….and the fresh bread! x


  2. I hope Kerry does not pick up on this Baxter Bonce Burn conversation………. You could just wear a hat of course Mr B? The sun – was that once a few months back.


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