Hello from Me !

Having just participated in Sunday lunch, here at Touriscampo, consisting of a first course of Sushi, Cheesebreads, garlic bread, iberian hams, cheese, fresh prawns, salad (and plenty more, including soup, but no room to fit it in!) ……..A main course of all of, and as much as you can eat of, chicken, pork, goat, fish, lasagne, beef and as much veg & salad, fries, new potatoes, roasties, ………..a sweet of apple pie or any other of about 20 choices, hot or cold. ………. a couple of beers for me and cokes for San – got change out of €35 INCLUDING a €5 tip to the fab staff – Methinks the 2kg lost over the last 2 weeks may have mysteriously reappeared today! (and this is a campsite restaurant – mind you, imho it is THE Best campsite on the Algarve, bar NONE!
Eat your hearts out Mez & Ped – £13 each, INCLUDING the beer – beat THAT !
……….Siesta time methinks, brrrp, phhhht, zzzzz.


3 thoughts on “Hello from Me !

  1. Hi from snowy Suffolk.
    Really enjoyed reading your blog and with our ‘truck’ sitting on the drive under 6ins of snow am just a tad envious of you in Portugal. Hope the sun keeps shining. 🙂


  2. Hi, Almost snowed in here in Shropshire. I’m heading to Benidorm area on the 30th of January in my Hymer B544 from Calais through France, hope it’s nice and sunny when I get there. My wife will be flying out at a later date to catch some rays, the plan is to stay for 3-4 months, why isn’t my wife travelling with me? It’s complicated but there is a 26 year old son involved who’s going on 12. Enjoy yourselves, Alan.


  3. daughter got married in Luz last year we had the reception in the Fontinario restaurant in Espiche. It was very good and very reasonable you should give it a try. We also stopped at Touriscampo and endorse every thing you have said about the place.

    Regards Tim


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