Lunch out for the gypo’s

Last night we decided to get the cards out, invented our own version of Rummy (meaning a simple one we both understood). Anyway, I am slightly richer and Iain slightly poorer:).  During the evening the torrential rain started and lasted well into the night but we woke this morning to blue skies again – its a fair bit cooler but ‘pleasant’.

Today as planned we walked into the village of São Marcos da Serra, about 3.5 km from the campsite and mainly on tracks until the last km or so on the main road.  We did a bit of twitching on the way and saw Golden Oriels and Hoopoe at the sides of the lanes. We also saw the typical rabid dogs at every house, several of which were eyeing up our ankles but we managed to avoid injury.

The village is set on a hill and has lovely white lime-washed houses through the narrow and steep  streets, its very typical of the villages in mountains.  There was a market on outside the church – gypsies selling secondhand clothes, socks and an assortment of old coats, so we gave that a miss.

Found a little cafe bar at the top of the hill where I treated us to coffee to recover from the climb. Full of local women chattering away but all very friendly. From there it into the mini-mercado for food. First one was like a fly sanctuary, so we smiled and got out quick. Second one was better and we raided most the fruit they had left and got some fresh bread.

From there it was time for lunch so we decided to have our weekly treat of lunch out.  We had a few recommendations but decided to try out O Cantinho dos Cacadores (Hunters Corner).  Typical main road cafe / bar that does Prato Do Dia – dish of the day- for €8 per head. We had a pile of olives, sardine paste, bread and cheese for starters, then piri piri chicken, chips and salad with a carafe of wine. Surprisingly we declined the puddings as we were a little stuffed! Top food, lovely service from the owner and two fairly giddy campers had to stumble on back to camp once the red wine had gone to their heads.

An afternoon of tan topping up followed as we recovered from the exertion and wine.


4 thoughts on “Lunch out for the gypo’s

  1. Looking good! stopped snowing here but gone a bit colder…well it feels like it just got out of bed! Last night tonight yippee!!!! Have fun xx


  2. OK so having resisted to date, I now have a New Years resolution – Not to read your blog…….. I’m stuck here in the bloody office writing rubbish about the Costa Coffee Book Awards 2013 while you pair are having the life of Riley out in the sun. Going back to my work PC to sulk 😦


    • We love you too – and to be fair see your point, but someone has to be out here and its us so yay for us:). Keep smiling – not many sleeps now till you join us xx


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