Walking, getting wet and birding

Still at the campsite in Sao Marco Da Serra, although the original plan was for one night we decided to have at least 5 days here as its very much our type of site.  In the small world syndrome we inhabit we met the couple from Colwyn Bay yesterday (we met them on a different site last year).

Yesterday we did pretty much nothing – sat outside the van all day and didn’t really move at all. Plenty of bird watching without moving from the chair, there are Thekla Lark, Lapwing and Serin all around the site. We sat and watched a Kestrel hunting around the site for a good 20 minutes too. The biggest expenditure of energy was Iain bought a ton of homemade olives from the campsite owner which we happily ploughed our way  through.

This morning was looking sunny but cooler so the plan was for a bit of walking. From the campsite we found a path along the river towards a small hamlet a mile or so away. We followed the river alongside the cork trees, (all the trees have a number on them which we thought was the owner. Apparently once they strip the cork they write the number that refers to  the year so they don’t strip it again for 9-10 years).  From there we guessed we weren’t too far from the new dam at Odelouca so headed into the hills. We followed the tracks up along the side of the river until we got to the top of the ‘mountain’ (possibly a quite steep hill really but it feels better saying mountain when you are puffed out). We couldn’t see the dam but the lake was below us so worth the climb for that alone.

View back towards campsite over Odelouca river

View back towards campsite over Odelouca river

Obviously at that stage it decides to rain, so we have to trek back to camp somewhat wet but as we arrive the sun comes out again. The afternoon spent doing not too much. One of us (not me) slept away the afternoon as his hike had worn him out.

Tomorrow we walk to the nearest town for food suppliers.  In town they produce their own hooch variety of ‘medronho’. Its a bit like a strawberry brandy – we bought it last year and to be honest I thought it was cough medicine.  But when in Rome….so a 3 mile walk will be rewarded with a small glass or two when get there. The area is also famous was wonderful honey so will try and hunt some out to bring home with us.

Our tans are coming along nicely now 🙂


2 thoughts on “Walking, getting wet and birding

  1. OK so walking the dogs along the beach in the SNOW with Jen and Mez seems quite tame in comparison to Baxter-Bus adventures. Was bloody freezing, glad to get home via Starbucks for a hot chocolate and a cake. Well done Iain, you might be running marathons by the time we get you home?

    K xx


    • Oh no don’t make us jealous – you had snow and Starbucks! We will have to wait for going home over the mountains before we see snow. Xx


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