Bom Dia de Campo Maior Portugal

We didn’t head South! – instead we went South West and crossed into Portugal just past Badajoz. Amazing drive on the old roads across country, very few villages, infact hadrly saw a soul anywhere all the way here. Arrived yesterday afternoon in the ‘White Village’ of Camp Maior. Our campsite is 800 metres from the village, small site that is tiered with a pool (yes still no where near warm enough to swim), a bar and olive groves all around. Its run by a lovely Dutch couple and we have one other neighbour being an English couple with a caravan.

No Customs - just a sign

No Customs – just a sign

Walked into town this morning for a culture hit. The streets are tiny and cobbled – which doesn’t stop the cars doing a fair speed around them. We walked up the lanes to the castle where there was a fabulous view over the village. At this stage we needed a drink so into a tiny coffee bar where Iain successfully ordered a couple of coffees and we stood with the locals (standing out like sore thumbs in summer wear as the locals were dressed for the Antarctic).

The Dutch guy on site told us about the story of how the town was destroyed 1766 when lightening struck the town arsenal. The bones of the dead were used to create a memorial chapel Capela dos Osso. The walls and vaults are completely covered in human bones and hundreds of skulls, with two complete skeletons hanging from the walls. Really spooky but in a strange way very beautiful too, we have never seen anything quite like it before.

From there we went to the Olive Oil factory for a tour. The girl on reception spoke less English that we speak Portuguese but she wanted to give us a personal tour as there was only us there. To be fair it was really good. Between the three of us we managed to get by with waving of hands, the odd word we guessed the translation of and a lot of nodding, at the end she gave us a tasting of the oils too. All for the bargain price of €1 each – we so love a bargain tour.

We tried without success to find the Delta Coffee factory as they also do tours – but no way we could find it and as the drizzle was setting in we headed back to camp for our own coffee.

So now its a bit drizzly with the sun trying to peep through. Not sure of our plans next (well to be fair I never am he tells me where we are heading for then drives to somewhere else). I think though its further South tomorrow morning and if I can stop him for long enough maybe a look around Evora.


7 thoughts on “Bom Dia de Campo Maior Portugal

  1. Long shorts…..long johns more like it…its gone rather nippy here…well bloody freeing literally here! looks like you’re having a fab time….glad you’re not developing too much of a tan too quickly! Have fun xx


  2. Glad to see you soaking up the local culture, Iains Portuguese must be improving ordering coffee and actually getting same?? pretty impressive! If you want chilly try being over here! dense fog Chester way! happy days!!!xxx


    • Only you would know that Markus! We are nowhere near that up on Napoleonic matters – just hunting out the sunshine 🙂


  3. Morning Baxter’s, glad to see you having a great time but I now remember why I stopped following your blog last year – I was just to bloody jealous! Interesting museum Badajoz if you up that way. A few British riflemen from the South Yorks Regiment kept Napoleon at bay for months, one of the South Yorks even saved Wellington when his horse got shot from under him. If you had any doubt that I as Markus B’s apprentice then following this post there can be no doubt? Carry on having fun both………


  4. Oh, just realised, Markus will now know I have done the Bernard Cornwall tour in Portugal. Quiz nights will be hell…………….


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