We have electricity

Result…by chance this morning Iain found the electric cable and foreign plug – hurray we  now we have electric without using a tiddly adapter which looked very unsafe and which probably wouldn’t have worked in rain or damp conditions.

On the downside – we overslept this morning and missed the one bus a day into Salamanca 😦  So plan changed and we will go there on the way back. Instead today we decided to head for Carcares about 3 hours away. Roads are nearly empty and the sun was out. A gorgeous drive through the mountains (saw the snow on the tops but avoided actually getting near enough to feel the cold). All the way down we saw hundreds of Red Kites swooping over the roads – a bit like a scene from The Birds.

We detoured off route to the Alcantara lake. The biggest lake in Iberia – not another soul did we see up there, quite spookily quiet but well worth going. Had our lunch like a couple of gypos on the side of the road then headed to the campsite at Cacares.

Arrived mid afternoon and met a lady from the site last night who is travelling on her own to near Gibraltar, mega kudos for having the nerve to do it on your own. Everyone follows pretty much the same route down so you do tend to see the same people at each site. We are about a mile outside the old town. Campsite is really nice, big swimming pool (too cold), a bar, little restauarant and best of all your own private wet room and loo with each pitch only a couple of steps from the van. And to get back to the theme from last year – so far two sites out of two have had loo seats, bliss 🙂

After a quick coffee and wander around the site we found we have free wifi so that’s it computer on and blogging with photos. Then its tea and a couple of beers in the bar with the other campers.

Tomorrow – destination unknown, possibly El Rocio as its fab for bike riding so maybe have a week there once we know what the weather forecast is going to be like.

For anyone heading to Albufeira for a few days – the forecast is 18 degrees and fried eggs for the next 10 days there – fingers crossed it stays that way until Feb 20th!!!  Have changed the Blog count down for the Massif arrival 🙂


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