Salamanca bound

Fabulous tour of Bilbao docks this morning. Between me and Sat Nav we got us lost in docks twice. Iain keep calm and carried on ignoring us both and finally got us on the motorway. (Minor domestic 1).

The road climbed for miles and hit the sunshine as soon we got on the plains, for about 5 minutes. After that it was thick fog for 5 hours. Well, it wasn’t quite as thick when we remembered to take off our sunglasses. An hour from destination the blue skies and fried egg appeared – sky full of Red Kites and even a couple of Storks, worth the wait.

Straight to campsite in Salamanca , only 25 minutes from motorway – looks a bit of a dump uhh maybe because its the wrong campsite? Someone had put wrong gps in (not me). A quick check and we had literally driven 200 yards past the right campsite half an hour ago. So back we go and find site – ace, couple of British campers and nice and quiet – oh and you see it from the road so how did we miss that?
(Minor domestic 2).

So now just need to plug in electric and get kettle on. Nope, not that simple when we have left the spanish plug for the cable at home (yup not me again). Two minute stress out then we remember we had an adapter on the boat for the hairdryer – it works so panic over. (Minor domestic 3).

Neighbours on site were on same boat as us and tell us a car and caravan turned over just off the ferry this morning – so thanking our lucky stars our traumas have been so minor.

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4 thoughts on “Salamanca bound

  1. Sounds a lot like Marguerite’s navigation, sounds as though guys are off to a good start, I’ll call you at the weekend.


  2. Rickster and Binty are all booked for our Algarve get together. We staying about 10 mins out of town in a beach resort but will have a car so not a major hassle. So you all set up and ready to chill for 3 months then? Yahoo…….


    • So chilled we overslept this morning and missed our bus to the old town.
      Looking forward to seeing you all x


    • now the electric cable has been uncovered we are well set – yay you are all booked, count down begins xx


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