Good first night – calm seas. A late supper and the ship quiz to settle in, nope we didn’t win and no service to text anyone for answers.
Into the cell for sleep. Woken several times in the night by the creaky cabin door. I thought we were going to be murdered in our bunks as sounded like someone breaking in (reading a book about a murder probably added to my paranoia)!

Luckily woke up alive and off for a full breakfast as we docked in Roscoff, a bit grey looking but we have added it to our list of places to visit. Lots of little islands with churches and tiny old houses -maybe next year.

Morning spent at the window on dolphin watch – a pod followed the boat for a while, amazing to see as never seen dolphins in the wild before. The afternoon passed slowly, quiz time again, followed by Name that Tune and Bingo – yup we know how to live the high life and nope we didn’t win any of them.

This morning we were up at 5.30 am to get breakfast and pack up. Now just arriving in Bilbao – dark, foggy and wet – just like Wales then! Plan is to go straight for the toll road then head South West, destination Salamanca by mid afternoon.

Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry by Sandra

Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry by Sandra


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