And they’re off

At last the big trip starts. Left home at 9.30am and had a great run down to Portsmouth. Roads clear and no rain. Only slight downer was the great idea of bringing a flask – well its great until you spill contents on your white jacket within an hour of leaving home! Well that won’t be getting cleaned before April.

On the dock for 5pm, so with plenty of time to spare we brew up and get tea cooking. As soon as I dish up they start moving us through to the bording area – Iain trying to eat soup, drive and find tickets all at once = not a good experience.

Finally loaded on-board at 9.45 and headed straight for cabin. What can I say about it? Very small, clean and windowless with bunk beds. Oh well only 36 hours to daylight. I have bagged bottom bunk so if its rough will be amusing seeing Iain fly from the top bunk have camera ready for any action shots:)

Well pleased with the news that the 116’rs Massif have booked and are joining us for a week mid February to celebrate the big 50 and big 60 and get some winter sun. Better friends would be hard to find xx

Setting sail and Isle of Wight ahead. …next post from foreign soil.

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3 thoughts on “And they’re off

  1. I’ve just come up as ‘Anonymous’ on your previous post……forgotten me already??????????????? Have a wonderful CRUISE….enjoy the mojitos! Safe sailing and Bon Voyage xx


  2. Oh I hate windowless cabins. last time we had the pleasure was crossing from Bergen to Hull through a gale……. I had to get into bottom bunk with Binty because – I was an ickle bit scared. We had to wedge each other into the bottom bunk which could have been interesting at another time but not when you spending several seconds per wave in free-fall!! Baxterbus is on the way – Yahoo……..


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