Bike ride from hell!

First mistake – buying a book of easy bike rides in Scotland, hills = no such thing.

Left Melrose and cycled out on what could be termed undulating terrain. Next mistake – taking the route to Scott’s View, that should have told us it was going to be up a seriously long and steep hill – it was. Got to the top and the views were amazing, could see for miles and miles. (I am sure it said we were at 1080 metres but apparently Iain said 181 metres). From there we headed to Dryburgh and the Abbey, fabulous pretty well downhill all the way. Got to the Abbey and found we had to pay to get in so skipped that idea. Instead cycled down National Cycle Route 1. Over a very old chain bridge crossing the River Tweed and through Newtown only to find yet another bloody great hill between us and Melrose. So with a bit of cycling and a bit of pushing we made it back to camp. Just over 12 miles, felt more like 112 miles.

Reward time and an extremely unhealthy lunch of lorne sausage, haggis and back pudding – absolutely delicious and revived the spirits and the legs somewhat.
A lazy afternoon with papers followed by a stroll to Melrose Abbey, a walk along the River Tweed and a bit of a detour over yet another chain bridge – loving them. Suddenly its an hour and half later and time for tea already. Tomorrow early start and heading home 😦

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