Now its cold enough to know its Scotland

Bleedin freezing today! Winter wardrobes are out, hats, gloves, scarves the lot.

First stop was Ballater just 20 miles up the road. Out of the van and into a coffee and scone shop for Iain’s daily fix :). A couple of bike shops, cafes galore and very expensive clothes shops – most items had no prices so well out of my range. All the buildings old stone and quaint, bridge over the river Dee in the centre of town and a caravan site – was about it. Considered getting the bikes off – thought about how cold it was – and left them firmly on the back of the van.

From there we carried on to Braemar castle (as Queen is in residence we couldn’t go to Balmoral). Bit of a let down – looked like it was made of concrete but as it was built in 1679 that is unlikely. Very dull looking and not open to go inside so moved on fairly quickly.

Last stop of the day Braemar village and the campsite for tonight which is in the village. Another little place like all the others, very touristy and cute. Campsite is ace – it caters to wintersports and the skiers so big drying rooms, roasting showers etc. A couple of minutes down the lane and in the centre of village for more coffee this afternoon (no scones) 10 minutes and all the shops had been browsed, with all the coach trips thought we might have seen a Piper but alas not.

Back at camp now planning a slow route home. Tomorrow first stop Glenshee Ski area – checked their webcam and its snowing there. Not sure if Iain is going up on the ski lift, I am certain I am not. The lure of a big breakfast at the ski cafe is appealing though if he does intend risking frostbite and vertigo on the lifts.

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One thought on “Now its cold enough to know its Scotland

  1. Hi sandra, do you remember mom found the silver at Braemar, that had been stolen from the local hotel, boy that’s going back a few years, Sorry to hear about the weather, but I would think that is normal when you are so far north, we are still in a heat wave, so we go shopping in the mall it’s nice and cool, and then we have lunch there as well. Only 3 weeks before I start my adventure to the Uk, I’m getting excited about seeing all of you. I tried to call you on both of your cell phones yesterday, no answer, I think you may have been on your marathon bike ride. Robert is going to take me to see uncle Alan, that’s real nice of him.


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