Aberdeen and back by bike

Bikes at the ready with butties in backpacks so we set off along the bike path towards Aberdeen – 35 mile round trip but we feel fit so going for it.

Starts off easier for me with fat tyres, less easy for Iain on gravel with his road bike. With the exception of half a mile on the footpath the route was all on cycle paths. Follows the River Dee for miles and goes through loads of little villages on the route. After 12 miles we were at the outskirts of Aberdeen so decided to do the last 5 miles being a slight downhill into the city and Duthrie Park.

A quick 15 minutes stop for lunch in the park and it started to turn a bit chilly so started back. Hmmm now the 5 miles is uphill with the wind against us – hard going to say the least. Once it levelled out things got easier until we got onto the footpath by the road. I tried to bump up the kerb – nope still can’t do that! Me and bike parted company with a crash. Cycling pants ripped, both knees have no skin on the, head took a bump on pavement. Bloody hell it hurt – not sure if knees hurt more than pride but looked a real wally laid out on the footpath waiting for Iain to come back and pick me up off the floor.

Only 6 miles to go then – great – every turn of the pedals hurts. We stopped for a coffee in a cafe and the pain eased slightly (ok its only grazed knees but it hurts!). Uneventful run the rest of the way along side the river Dee. Woohoo 35 miles is our longest ride to date, well done us 🙂

Back at camp and the latest OU essay score is in – 90%. I am so pleased with it that the knees no longer hurt at all.

Iain off to Tesco which is 2 minutes away whilst I get dinner on, then its flake out time for us as we are what is technically know as knackered!! Tired but happy campers planning to stay here another day to ride the opposite direction tomorrow.

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