Glamis Castle and Forfar

Sun is back with us today 🙂 headed east towards the coast but happened across Glamis castle. Iain offered a treat of the guided tour around the castle – well would be rude not to as love castles and no trip is complete without a visit to at least one.

We got to see some of the private rooms as well as the older parts. Nearly every room had a reference or photo of the Queen mum and those that didn’t then Mary Queen of Scots had slept there (we have never been to a castle she hasn’t slept in). Absolutely stunning castle and a ‘lively’ commentary from the American tour guide to say the least. From the outside its real fairytale castle with turrets galore and in the paddocks by the car park highland cows and calves were munching outside the camper whilst we ate our lunch like a couple of Pikeys in the van.

From there we were heading coast bound again but came across Forfar so thought we may as well stop here for the night. Campsite on the edge of a lake in town. All brand new and quite swish but not sure if the 8ft fences are to keep us in or to keep the locals out? Iain has strolled into town and back to check out the shops, he came back empty handed so guessing its not a top shopping destination.
Now enjoying the sunshine before a bit of tea and tv for the evening.

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4 thoughts on “Glamis Castle and Forfar

  1. Hi Sandra,are you still on the East Coast as I’m not familiar with the names of the towns you are visiting. I’m not sure, but I think mom and I visited Glamis castle, I think it was in the North of Scotland, and it had a walled garden around it. Still to hot here to go out and about, so we chill out until the afternoon then go in to town


    • Yes on the east coast. Pitlochry is about 20 miles inland from Perth, then Forfar is just up from Glamis castle. Montrose is on the coast heading up towards Aberdeen x


  2. I’m liking the highland cows and calves…I’ve been trying to talk Ped into getting a couple of them for a while…if you could pop a couple into the van to bring back that would be great. Strange highland cattle always remind me of shortbread! They’re often on the front to tins….now i want a biscuit!!! xx


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