Anniversary day

Happy 5th anniversary to us – cards hung up in van and feels somewhat festive : )

After gale force winds rocking the van throughout the night we woke up to blue skies – hurrah!

We walked into town and had a mooch around the shops. Lovely little town full of outdoor and gift shops. All the buildings are old stone and there is a massive castle at the end of town. Walked over the salmon ladders – didn’t see but a one jumping though. The swing bridge did just that as we crossed – a bit too bouncy for me, felt a bit seasick. A couple of fishermen in the river up to their waists didn’t seem to be catching much but looked terribly cold

From the ladders we walked over the dam which takes you back into town. Realised we had been out for 4 hours so stopped for a latte and a sticky bun. Made our third stop of the day in the Giant Cycle shop and talked Iain into buying the rather loud cycle jersey he kept gazing at on each visit. The shop owner so glad to see the back of us he threw in a couple of drinks bottles.

Back to the van for a read of the papers and watch the French invasion, several enormous motorhomes not too worried about one way systems – chaos. Decided to treat ourselves to a meal out to celebrate 5 very lovely years so been back into town for steak dinners finished off with a Magnum lolly from the newsagents on the way back. Perfect day.

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