Mission Rannoch accomplished

Left Killin this morning and heading for Pitlochry. Weather brightened a little on route so couldn’t resist taking the turning to Rannoch. Passed through Dull ( twinned with Boring in USA) 40 or so miles later Rannoch Loch insight. The loch is about 15 miles long and although very remote loads of cute cottages and cabins along the edge. Managed to pull in for a lunch stop at the waters edge – van pointing very downhill so cooking a bit of a challenge as everything kept trying to slide off the cooker.

After lunch we decided we may as well carry on to Rannoch Station, according to tv programme we saw, nothing there except the station and its little cafe (scones are calling). Trek out there up little roads and in pouring rain. The road ends at the station, very remote, very scenic, fairly cloudy and the cafe is very closed! A note in the window saying the water doesn’t pass the treatment tests.

A long trek back to civilisation but the navigator knows how to find the House of Bruar – massive outlet with a big gourmet food mall. Stock up on posh food and then time to find a campsite. We pick one on internet and put in Sat Nav – I can see we are going to end up back near Rannoch as we are going round in a circle. A couple of cross’ish words and we scrap that plan, destination Pitlochry instead. Nice campsite a few minutes from centre of town. Pitched up listening to that rain pelt down – ah the glorious Scottish weather. Tomorrow hoping to go see the salmon climbing the ladders just around the corner – and a shop around town.

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