Walked into the village of Killin this morning, only 10 minutes from the site. Fabulous water falls, the Falls of Dochart, right in the village, loads of cafes and a few shops. Iain had his daily scone and then decided time to get the bikes down and work off some scone lbs.

We went for the easiest route we could find, as you do. A quick couple of miles on the flat down to the loch and back then there was nowhere to go except uphill for about 5 miles into the mountains. Steady climb and the further we got the more beautiful the scenery was. Highlight was coming face to face with 2 small deer, literally 3 or 4 feet away from us. Not sure who was more shocked as we all stood and looked at each other for that few seconds that feels like minutes – priceless.

The way back was downhill all they way, our kind of bike riding. Saw a small herd of deer who were across a field, they didn’t move until I got the camera out then they were gone like a shot, typical.
This afternoon we sat and did some reading (me) and some snoozing (him). Suddenly at 5 o’clock he gets another energy burst and back out on the bikes we go. Try to find the old railway line as that will be flat – nope its uphill again. Get to the top and come straight back down, a few loops on the tracks round the village and then we give up as its freezing.

Bikes are now thankfully back on board, we head off tomorrow but not sure where till we see what the weather holds. Forecast on camp notice boards shows snow on higher ground, so probably heading for as lower ground as we can find.

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One thought on “Killin

  1. Nice to see that you are both having fun in the SUN ha ha, It’s a balmy 80 F today, not sure if I’m going to enjoy my trip to the UK in October, as I think it will be cold, do I need a coat and wet boots for my trip.

    can’t wait to see you.
    Bye Dad


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