How wide?

Set off this morning via the Colintraive ferry, 7 minutes crossing and neither of us were sea sick 🙂

From there it was up the loch to Glendaruel then back down the other side as far as Tighnabruaich. Quite a big town in the middle of nowhere with restaurants and shops, little prom and lovely gardens. We crossed over then to the Loch Fyne side. Much quieter and hardly any houses. Eventually we got to Otter Ferry and a glorious little pub and restaurant on the quayside for morning coffee.

As we pulled away we saw the sign – “Max width ahead 7.6” and how wide are we? Only 7.7 – dam, blast and lots of other not so good words. We have tried fitting through gaps smaller than the van before, its not a good idea (memories of being wedged between a barrier in South Wales come to us). So our only option is to turn around and re-trace our steps and do nearly 60 miles to reach the top of Loch Fyne – about 10 miles from where we are now! So we turn around and 2 mins up the road we see the binmen in their wagon. After some deliberation its agreed we ‘could’ make it as they used to before the limit went on. So we turn around again and go for it. A very nervous 10 miles or so on tight roads and bends waiting for the dreaded width barriers to appear. Road is very narrow but luckily for us we get through and both breathe out when the road widens out.

A well earned chick pea curry currently defrosting from the freezer is anticipated until we find its actually Broccoli soup that I have forgotten to re-label! Its just not our day. Cobble together a leftovers curry and noodles instead, its food , its hot and it does us fine.

Head over Rest and Be Thankful in glorious sunshine then up the side of Loch Lomond where we sing about the Bonnie, bonnie banks….At Crianlarich we turn right and decide destination will be Killin as both feeling the need for a stopover. Now on site by the river watching the heavens open again Staying for 2 nights as camp is right in town so the van and driver get a well earned rest tomorrow.

Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry by Sandra

Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry by Sandra

Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry by Sandra


One thought on “How wide?

  1. sounds like a good day…but your story about getting stuck in a narrow road in the middle of a spanish town is more entertaining!!! Much more fun when you get stuck xx


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