Beautiful Bute

This has been a revelation, we both expected a bit of a run down seaside town. Anything but, beautiful big stone houses, miles of promenade and altogether looks like a very expensive and well kept island. Then again at £38 to get here its not cheap, and we’re going to have to get a different ferry to get off.

Did a round trip of the island, managed to get most of it in before the heavens opened. Ettrick Bay was the best bit, parked up on the beach for lunch and watched Arran appearing and disappearing through the rain and mist. Miles of sandy beach and when the sun popped out it was stunning, saw a couple of seals just off the beach basking in the apparent Scottish warmth. A quick mooch round the shops in Rothesay this afternoon whilst I did a bit of retail therapy, Iain did a scone and jam with a cup of tea.

Back at campsite and its full up, luckily we left our pitch reserved with the international sign of an electric cable out in the rain meaning ‘we’ll be back’. Thinking of challenging the campervan next door to a pool match in the games room later on as its too wet for Petang.

Overnight on the island then tomorrow we head off on the little ferry to the north. Intend to do the loop of the peninsula to the west of the island before heading up Loch Fyne (via the Oyster Bar) then eastbound over Crianlarich towards Perth. Once we get there its either Aberdeen and the coast – or if the weather lifts Rannoch Moor to see how much of nothing there is at the most desolate and out of the way railway station in the UK.

Web Feet are now coming along nicely, no risk of sunburn for the next few days 😦

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful Bute

  1. I wish I was there with you guy’s, and then I think of the weather you are having and I’m happy to be here in Santa Monica. Aunt Mary doesn’t live all that far from Perth, that was one of your mom’s favourite places, I think it was called kaithness Glass works. 30 days from now I start my adveture to the UK, I booked in to the Best Western on the Seafront.Take care and keep the blogs coming.
    Love you Dad


  2. Its sounding great…wish i was there! If you’re worrying that we’re having better weather here you’ve nothing to worry about!!!! The little towns sound do the afternoon teas!!! have fun xxx


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