Perfectly lazy day

We don’t seem to be able to drag ourselves away from here, its just too lovely.

The sun came back out this morning so we walked all of 20 steps to the beach. I had my first ‘lesson’ from the Kite Master – and I was pretty good at it. Some nerves that I was going to take off with it, but other than that only a few spectacular crash landings and kept it flying for several minutes at a time. To be fair its actually quite good fun and makes the wind seem worthwhile.

Left him to it and went bird watching for an hour, had another paddle and it was considerably warmer today. Quite a few people on site have boats and dinghies so watched a few launch then back for lunch. This afternoon passed by in a mad rush of doing nothing but reading and watching the new arrivals come onto site. We did have a break from the action to munch an icecream, tiring work all this chilling out.

Booked another 2 nights here then we really will head off somewhere until then just enjoying one of our new top places to visit.

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