How windy can it be?

Very is the answer – woke up to a gale this morning so being fair weather cyclists we took the van out instead of bikes.

Headed South to the Mull of Galloway. Lighthouse was destination and Iain well looking forward to climbing to the top. Sadly on arrival we are told can’t go up today (yipee – I hate heights). Iain told the keeper how disappointing it was at least 3 times, thought he was going to let us go up but he didn’t – phew. Outside the exhibition we attempted to walk around but as we were at risk of flying off the cliff and ending up in Belfast we abandoned the Mull and headed to Port Logan.

Tiny little village of about 20 houses, small harbour, pub and village hall. The tv series 2000 Acres of Sky was filmed here. So looking forward to sitting in the pub where Dennis Pennis used to sit (he starred in it) but it had fallen down – literally they are rebuilding it. So instead cooked our lunch in the carpark on the harbour watching the gannets fish.

From there we headed to Port Patrick up the coast. Absolutely amazing place. Beautiful harbour, loads of cafes and pubs, cute gift shops and a pottery. Went for a coffee and would have been rude not to eat the lovely cakes – so we did, fab :). Then the rain came down so time to head back – via Stranraer (totally off route but may as well).

Stranraer a bit of a revelation. We expected Holyhead with haggis but its actually a really nice town. Plenty of shops, loads of pubs and cafes. Sad to see the dock is now all closed up and derelict signs show all sailings are now from Cairnryan, so we may as well go. Only 5 miles – and when we get there its 3 ports and a few houses – ok so we have seen them and can go home for tea now.

Back at campsite at 7pm – rain has stopped, wind has died down and sky is clearing so hoping tomorrow is going to be calmer.

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