Day 2 – Sunshine on the beach

New England Bay caravan site on Luce Bay. Pretty dam gorgeous, views are incredible, very laid back site in the sand dunes. A few steps out the door and we are on the beach. Not a sound from traffic as the road is a fair bit away just the wind and the seagulls, bliss.

Kite boy was out first thing flying. Miles of sand and just a couple of walkers and a bloke practising his golf. I did some bird spotting and had a quick paddle (rather brisk – well freezing but if by the sea must stick feet in water !).

This afternoon we walked up the coast along the beach. A bit hard going as tide in so walking on the rocks. A few fabulous old properties that need converting, right on the sea shore. Looking over the sea to the Isle of Man clear as a bell, thought it was Ireland then realised we are the wrong side of the peninsula for that! Back via the road as easier going even if it was uphill most of the way -(note to us ‘don’t cycle that way). Two hours later we fell back into the camper a little tired and looking a bit Rudolph as forgot the suncream.

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