It ain’t ‘alf hot, mum!

Phew, just in (17.10) after another days bakeout in the sunshine 17-18c was the reported air temperature but the skin temperature on Iain’s baldy (but browning nicely – thanks to the sun cream!)  bit must have been about 99.9c whilst the sun was gently stroking it.
Went on 5km walk around the posh housing For Sale a mile or so up the road this morning. Hey, VERY nice but VERY expensive no doubt too – largely 4 bedroom,  3 bathroom, etc – but a block of a one or two bedroomed “terraced house” style up there too.
As there were NO dog kennels or rabbit hutches for sale under €250k, I’m afraid you won’t all be visiting us in our Portuguese residence to the future in THIS neck of the woods, at least.
Out on the bikes later this afternoon – about 8 miles up hill & down dale – was FAB on the way out, nice gentle slope about a mile long – got a real sprint on down there! Then it was a bit of an uphill slog after the village, but we got there in the end. After a brief recovery stop we decided to turn round as unsure if we were on the right “circuit” or not. That nice gentle slope we came down about 3/4 hour earlier??…… turned out to be a bloody marathon walk/push uphill on the way back, of nearer 2 miles!! – never again will we attempt THAT one!
Internet back on this evening after been o/o/o for the last 2 days, so we’re back in touch again, on other than just the vodafone network.
Guy on the radio been plugging “cheap flights to the UK from Faro all day so decided to go have a look on the website – £39 one way either Manchester or Gatwick after 2 January – woulda been a LOT cheaper to fly out, hire a car and a chalet on the site here for a few weeks! …….. not as much fun though.
More soon – Bye for now


2 thoughts on “It ain’t ‘alf hot, mum!

    • You can get a villa for €300 for a month in winter right now (loads empty due to recession) normal price €900 to €1000. Not sure how you get on with bringing the dog though! Bom Dia


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