Petang is the latest fad

Yet another lazy day…….sat in the sun watching the world go by all morning. My Barbie pink tan is developing into a rather fetching shade of crimson. Iain on the other hand is now looking a shade of Benidorm brown. Speaking of which ‘Madge’ is on site – whizzing round on her wheels all day (we hide when we hear her coming) she is ‘proper Welsh’ from Llanberis and I think the Welsh Dragon Iain has flying is attracting her – that or its his Welsh charm ?

We also have Barry from Auf Weidersein Pet on the next pitch. He says he is known as Welsh John at home – we don’t get why as he is a real Brummie and looks too like Barry to be true. Iain had a trip out to the boy shop (hardware stuff) with him this morning as we had a leaky window needing some tape on it – dead nice to give a lift and save us moving the van.

Its a bit like a soap opera here with everyone being in and out of each others pitches. One pitch is having carols and nibbles outside their van Christmas Eve afternoon – we may skip that as seems very wrong in so many ways especially in this weather – surely you can’t sing carols outside without a woolly hat and scarf?

After a few late afternoon drinks at the pool bar we got back and our neighbours invited us for a game Petang. Having never played before we thought would give it a go. So after Iain’s first underarm throw ( I so thought he was going to take out Hymer motorhome opposite) we kinda got the swing of it. Ok we got thrashed but we did score several points too. So, you guessed, we are going to buy our own Petang set at the weekend:).

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