Ole de Algarve

Still having the best of holidays.
Yesterday I walked into Luz for supplies and a bit of exercise. Its a fair hill down to the beach and its twice as steep coming back up! Did it there and back in an hour and 15. We sat and sunned ourselves outside the van for a couple of hours, then went and tested the jacuzzi outside by the pool (Iain too wimpy to come swimming as says the cold water could kill him – I doubt that but bowed to his fear of chilly water as don’t fancy driving all the way back on my own if he is right).

Had our first meal out of the hols last night – absolutely lovely. Ate far too much but they kept coming round with more bbq meats and it would be too rude to say no when it looked and smelled so good. I had a few glasses of vinho tinto – now that wasn’t such a good idea as 3 glasses later I was ready for bed and slightly over the edge. Ah we’ll it gives the couple we went out with a tale to tell about the tipsy Welsh couple.

This morning we were up and out reasonably early on the bikes. Down to the beach and along to the next village. Too many hills for our liking but we managed 6 miles and rode up the beach hill (it was hell and 2 hours later my legs were still complaining). Back at camp and had a bbq again for lunch but we are eating tons of salad too so hopefully not getting Portuguese Pot Belly’s.

This afternoon the camp had a complimentary drinks and nibbles party around the pool. There are roughly 50 units here now so it was fairly busy. Went on for a couple of hours, lots of people to chat to and lots of cheese and garlic bread with copious amounts of red wine ( I stuck to 2 glasses then coke – Iain drank enough to sink a small armada bless and just wobbled back to the van). Now eating toast for supper before a good read of the English Sunday papers.

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