Another day in Paradise :)

Yes, yet another day of sunshine today ( although a bit of cloud first thing & later this afternoon) Temp about 19c at 1pm, just nice for us (ex) milky white ( going brown fast now!) Brits in the sun.
Took a trip to the local large conurbation of Lagos (La-Gosh) on the 9am bus this morning, (€1.70 each) pretty little town centre down by the marina with quite a few bobs’ worth of boats moored up (QUITE a few bobs’ worth!) – walked around the town and marina for a couple of hours and got into the local “thing” of going for a coffee in several coffee bars and restaurants – can’t get over the price of coffee over here, expected to pay loads (as in France & Spain) yet paying anything between 70c and €1 per cup, even in the big touristy areas Amazing.
Lagos seems to spread out for miles! – the Euro “thing” of out of town shopping has hit the Algarve too in the last few years though and whilst the town centre is quaint & full of tourist shops , restaurants and small supermarkets (bit like Spar shops), that’s about it. All the big supermarkets & normal retail shops are all in the suburbs – we know, we passed ’em all on the bus in & out of town!
Quiet couple of hours this afternoon, lapping up the rays outside the ‘van till about 3.30 when it clouded over a bit – still very warm though
Looking forward to eating out tomorrow evening – megga buffet meal & a few drinks & music. Hopefully a good night out with good company and without leaving the site (This is NOT like a Winkups or Robin Hood camp, BELIEVE ME – it’s a 4* restaurant here!)

Weather forecast for next 4 days – SUNSHINE & 17-20c! , that’ll do for me! 🙂


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