A pretty top day in the Algarve

Its been as pretty near perfect a day as we could wish for. Woke up this morning to blazing sunshine, Iain made the breakfast in bed and we sat looking out the camper window at the blue skies and the view over the swimming pool.

We walked into Praia Da Luz which is about 2.5 miles from the campsite. Lots more people around than there was last year, most of the shops and cafes are open and although not busy by any means enough people to give it a nice atmosphere. Walked down to the beach and watched some surfers then had coffee and the first highlight of the day – managed to get an English Daily Mail – bliss after 3 weeks without a newspaper. Strolled back to camp and sat out in the sunshine for a couple of hours before we had our lunch (yes it was chicken – I am still only confident in asking for “frango”).  Chattted with a few of the other campers – well most are here for 4-6 months as more semi permanent. Some of the caravans and campervans are like houses, wouldn’t want to tow them down here but pure luxury when you get here. It’s a bit fairy grotto with most vans being lit us with Christmas lights – looks lovely, then you have us with just our Christmas Robin in the van – saddos!

This afternoon we got the bikes down and went for a ride. We took a little road from the camp, which turned into a sand track – followed it along the ridge and the most gorgeous villas and views down to Lagos. It would seem that most people have large dogs which they allow to run around near their gates to bark at you and scare the life out of you – I let Iain go first in case they are rabid and bite!! One or two looked a bit too fierce for my liking but it keeps your pedalling speed up. I could see a short cut back to camp via the village next door, Espiche, only thing was when we got into the village it was a lot bigger, hundreds on little alleys and cobbled paths. So after riding round its fully for at least 15 minutes we managed to get back out and on the main road and head back here for a rest.

We felt that all the exercise was bonus points in the bank – so went to the bar on site for a drink (Iain beer – me coke and pitashios, holiday food).  The only down side is finding out my caravan step has been left at the last site – someone has driven off without it (Iain) , gutted.


Photo gallery to upload in a few minutes


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