Wednesday – moving day!

Last evening spent getting everything ready for “moving on” today….. all of 80km south but, finally, into the Algarve, the sunshine (yup, you guessed it, it rained most of the way down this morning!) – and to a DECENT camp-site, (Touriscampo, Espiche)
We’re now settled in, up on “the terraces” in the sunshine, this site’s pretty busy, unlike all the others to date – mostly British units but with a smattering of German, Dutch, French and one from FINLAND (God, is THAT a treck to get here, or WHAT!)
We’re here now till after Christmas, at least (we’ve actually arrived a week early and got a cracking pitch, fully serviced)  – the Christmas day dinner is now booked and paid for (Thank you Chic & Marguerite!) – We’ve met up with a couple we got chatting to on the last camp-site, who also “moved on” this morning,  been for an afternoon “beverage”  (and arranged another beer with them soon)
Most importantly, we have DECENT wifi access (at least it seems pretty good at present , been upgraded since we were last here) so skype etc should all be working ok, hopefully.
The swimming pool is f’ing FREEZIN’  –  so won’t be dipping toes in there again this week, BUT we’ve got access to a lovely, brand new, outdoor jaquizi (is that how you spell it??) that will be tested by ME first thing tomorrow before the hike down to Praia da Luz (about 5-6km, there & back, so no big deal really, Sandra says 😉 ) ……..
Restraunt & food  looks just as good as we remember it from last time, no doubt we’ll be having a meal there before the weekend 🙂

The photo is by the pool here – taken about 1/2 hour ago



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