We are loving Odemira

..well the campsite anyway as we have been too lazy to go into actual Odemira town.  We think the best way to describe the site we are on is Centre Parks with a Portguese accent i.e. very small strong cups of coffee and less rain than usual. A few more British units arriving now, most like us here for up to a week before heading for the Algarve for Christmas.

Today we appear to have started the “washing wars” between the Brits and the Dutch. I discovered a washing machine that is free – its usually €4 per wash out here – so by doing 4 washes I save €16 and get my tea out on the money Saturday night. After my 3rd wash the English woman next doors wants the machine so I relent and keep one wash back.  A bit later a Dutch guy comes bounding along asking who is using the machine next -I point him in the direction of woman next door. They start having a fairly heated debate over who should use machine. An hour later they are off again – we keep out of it whilst sitting amongst our 3 loads of fresh smelling washing hung all over the van- the debate is still ongoing with all new arrivals being updated on the saga by our neighbour.  Oh the Brits do love a moan about another Nationality – god forbid someone puts a towel out on a sun lounger tomorrow or all hell will break loose:)

So other than starting a major diplomatic incident today we have both done 2 circuits of the site on our bikes, been to the spa in our natty head gear (Iain may look like  bullet head but I have a much more fetching little nylon number).  After our swim we managed to get all the spa jets and massage chairs in the pool working – good fun for freebees.

On the suntan front – I can report I have gone a lovely shade of Barbie Pink today, Iain turning a more fetching shade of dirt brown.


One thought on “We are loving Odemira

  1. Ooh what an exciting life you lead – monday as wash day lol!!! If you were doing your washing here it would soon dry in the strong winds! But the only change of colour would be rust!! Sounds like you are having a fab time – think of us poor menials slaving away in the cold damp dreary miserable weather!! Have fun xx


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