Lifes’ Little Essentials ……..

They didn’t tell us yesterday when we went swimming, but today was a different story – perhaps I shouldn’t of asked ……… “Si Senior, u MUST buy ze zilly condom hats (at €3 EACH!) to go in ze pool” –  (summat to do with protecting the filters apparently, but from WHAT, I didn’t dare ask!)  Whatever, I wanna swim!
Look on the bright side guys, Sandra had to wear one too but SHE wouldn’t let me take THAT photo! 😉

Lovely & sunny this afternoon after we saw off the last of yesterdays rain in the early hours of this morning. The few folk that were here for the weekend have nearly all gone, only a couple of hardy GB outfits (and us) left on site now – swimming pool heaven !
The bike ride around the campsite this morning was a bit much for the old timer here today, had to leave Sandra to do the 2nd circuit on her own (ach, she managed just fine without me!)

Think I may have uploaded this photo TWICE in error – if it is on here twice, apologies …… don’t worry, there’s PLENTY of time to get San back before the end of the holiday   😉


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